Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My 1st potato curry !

I'd bought a lot of potatoes 2 weeks back, and I was worried if it'll go waste. So, I made up my mind to cut all of them, freeze a part of it, and make a curry out of the rest.
And so I did ! Potato-tomato Currry !!

I liked the way I cut them, as it came out in a very regular shape.
Now comes the main problem, of other ingredients !! Uff ! I always manage to get the salt-chilly powder combo right, but there's something missing in terms of the smells and taste.
I wanted to improve my performance this time.
So, after adding salt-chilly powder, i opened the draw and shortlisted all the possible items that I Cud add, to get a great taste.
Thsi was the short-list :
- Paneer
-Peper powder
-Soya granules
- Corn powder
- Maggi tomato soup powder
- Mustard, and other dals used for seasoning
- Ohh, nothing else available ! I have a bad inventory :(

So, I decided to add all of them in proportions, and at different points in time, while the cooking is on. I learnt from my cooking experience that, adding components in different stages of the dish, helps in taste :).

So, after 30 mins, there emerged the dish of the year !! Potato-tomato curry.
Postmortem : Only mistake was, I had fried the seasoning items a little more, and it gave a burnt smell. And I could hav added more salt !
Finally, when I ate , I still felt, there's something missing, in the aroma dimension :(
So then, I added paruppu podi[dhal powder] to rice, and added this curry to it.
Wow ! Delicious !! Am improvingv huh !! huhooooooooo !!


rama said...

horrible to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

rama said...

it is so horrible how did u have thisssssssssssssss