Sunday, June 07, 2009

Journey of excellence

I happened to meet my Prof a couple of weeks back and some of us Alumni had a long chat with him. He caught up with the kind of work we were doing and we had a highly informal chat where he spoke about the way he worked, his hobbies , his childhood etc. That in itself was a great blessing for me, as he's one of the people whom I look upto in life, in addition to Sachin, Vishy and ARR.
So meandering along many topics, he shared something with us, which is worth writing in gold !
He had a meeting with the CEO of SWATCH group, the leading swiss watchmaker and he had asked the CEO about how they are able to be the top in the world and the CEO immediately took him on a ride to Alps. My prof was shown the watch making shops along ALPS and asked him to guess how long would it take to make a watch ?! My Prof posed the same question to us alumni and we shot some figures.
The answer is 3years !
Well, each watch piece is a piece of art for the workers and they get so very involved in it that it gets elevated to an art-piece status !
So the message from my pose was "Try to get deeply involved in whatever you do that it gets elevated to a piece of art" !
I think we know a lot of things and even this funda must be known already . But then some messages get an added import when its delivered by a special person and as they say, "It had arrived".
Let the journey of excellence reign !!
Thathasthu !