Sunday, October 28, 2007

Entering a new phase in Life

God's grace ! I got promoted to "Technical lead" . Iam quite happy, as it was totally unexpected. Honestly, I have worked hard, but never expected this soo soon.
I did relish this news for a day, but after that, my mind set sail on my gaps and what all I need to learn now, to perform my role effectively . I listed some of them :
- Master design patterns
- Get a strong hold of OOAD
- Finish PMP certification
- Finish a couple of .Net certifications, leading to MCSD.
- Just like a cricket captain should effectively understand his bowling and batting resources, and deploy them effectively, I shuold get a very good hang of the testing aspect of a project, with respect to development of test plans, test bed and relate planning.
-I should learn effective usage of tools like QC, MS Project, and learn abt testing tools(for automation, scripts etc).
- I should read a lot of books from experienced devs, abt methodologies, team dynamics.
- I should meditate a lot more and be a dynamo of energy for the entire team, always bubling with ideas.
- I should work on new ideas for the company and try and bad projects or create synergies in some way, so we get more work
- Net-net, this is like a music composer role[or rather, lil different], where I need to read so many tools and technologies and orchestrate a solution , with these various instruments/tools.
- I need to have an in-depth perspective of al technologies and tools, to make a difference to the project.
- I need to have an in-depth perpective of the performance dimension of applications and tools, and keep working on improving the performance of systems/tools.
- Establish great contact with a wide variety of people, to know about wide variety of technologies, and their respective challenges.

Beyond all these skills, I need to have great drive for excellence,greater commitment to team success,greater ambition, and finally dedicate my best effort to my beloved gurudev !

Harihi !

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