Wednesday, October 24, 2007

About venus citizens

I met a girl about couple of weeks back. She is my colleague and she was visiting my office from a different state in US. We share the same office building in India, and I've seen her few times in our cafeteria. Since she didn't have access card to this new office,I was asked to get her in, which I did.
We sat next to each other in Boston office and she started telling about her. Well, she was cherubic and asked me a lot of info. I patiently provided all info amidst my calls . Well, hospitality is a part of india culture and I think I was courteous enough to help her in possible ways.
Now, end of the day, we came back to room together and I'd told her, we'll share the cab charge. She gave me a stare. Why??
That day, she didnt have other friends here, and I told her I have some movies in my laptop and she could watch. She came down to my room and started asking me about my proj etc and then I told her to watch a particular movie, which she did. Then I'd offered to share the food which I'd prepared and she was good enof to prepare dhal, and also taught me. After dinner, she watched the movie, while I was reading a book.
******End of day-1**********
The next day, her behaviour was strange. Since morning, she started to behave in a bossy fashion. I was immersed in work, and didnt care much for it. During lunch time, I started to eat in my desk, and she said she doesn't want to have heavy lunch.
I offered curd rice , which she accepted. But, after sometime, when she returned me back the box, half of it was left, reason being, pickle was over. How can she waste food so heartlessly?
I told her to throw the leftover and do some cleaning and give me back. She gave a weird stare, as if "why the hell should I?? ". I stared in return and after sometime, she gives me the box with some rice left. What the hell, I thought. She realized that I got angry.

I could deduce so much about her. Our office locales were really beautiful, and she had to have a fotographer take her snaps. So, she reconciled and started to talk friendly again. In the evening, we started early, as if was friday and went out on a fotography spree. It was an awesome environ indeed.
She wanted endless snaps of her in different poses and backgrounds. I got tired. She said, its her Bday . Well, its only courteous to make her atleast little happy on her Bday, so I obliged .

After about an hour, we return back. I offered to give her some sweet on Bday, and I casually asked about treat. No replies.
In my room again, I offered her some snak, and boiled milk . She had some milk and left some in the cup, for me to clean ! This is bullshit, I thought. But its her Bday.

Her friend was supposed to take her to downtown and she was passing sometime in my room.
She goes out with friend and comes back, picks up her laptop fro my room , and vanishes. I told her, "Hav fun, we'll meet in India". And she returns back to her place next morning. But, no Bye/Thanks.
She must not have spent a penny on her food or anything past 2 days, and I helped her so much, but she didn't even thank me for any of that.
Thats the min that anyone wud expect.

Well , this is just one of those shamelessly selfish girls, who tend to USE courteous guyz , and since its just a 2 day trip for her, she didnt even care to thank.
What a bloody character !
Well, it started to burn in me slowly and I coudn't douse it.
Did I come across as a fool, or a flirt trying to impress her or even going to ask for any help from her? Then I write a lesson in my orkut profile and wanted to share this lesson with people, and then only my fire douzed a bit.

Girls ! Are they really so devilish? I've seen worser devils. IF this is on one end, I've also seen many angels too.

This is yet another colleague of mine , and missing her friendship is something I repent so much in life.
She was one of the most beautiful girls in office. She always had a big gang of friends around her , making so much sound . Also, she used to talk really loud. Her body language was really hyperactive, to the point of being v restless.
Well, I've seen such girls, who tend to talk sweet and churn guyz for selfish purposes. So, I kept a safe distance from her.
Infact, as a matter of policy, I maintain some distance from beautiful girls and try to guage them from a distance, before making any friendship. I did the same with this girl as well.. In subsequent months, I gave some music programs in office and after that, this girl tried to attract my attention in numerous ways.
In canteen, she used to walk near my table, talk loud when I go pass, sing a song sometimes etc. But, I kept a safe distance. Once it so happened that, we had to sign some register to collect some coupons and we were at the table at the sametime. She had to sign the register, took the pen, and searched for her name, but suddenly told her friend, that her name is not visible and that she would wait. She put down the pen. I grabbed the pen, signed , collected and started to push off, when I saw that it was her pen, and she started signing. Why did she say that she didn't get her name? Obviously, it was a compromise on her part, to help me. I realized it later.

I spoke to a couple of friends about her and they said, she's a scene party. All the more reason to avoid her I thought.

But, turns out that, its one of the worst judgement I've made in life .
I then came to know that she's sooo friendly, music loving, adorable and simple person. God !! What a blunder I'd made. Looks are soo deceptive, but body language was deceptive as well in this case.
I started to search for her profile in orkut, to find more about her, and my blunder just looked colosal to me, looking at her scrap book and testimonials. Such a wonderful lady ! I got very angry on myself, for having missed such a friend.

Then the next day, when I opened her scrap book I found her friends congratulating her on her engagement !! To cry or to smile?
Well, I took no time to add my wish in her scrapbook, though we were not friends in orkut. I just thought, there's no license needed to wish her good. And I did.

That day, I learnt a profound lesson, "Never be judgemental". I just guage people with my limted experience, and I can be totally wrong.
Well, am happy, I learnt a lesson, but am sad, I missed such a wonderful friend.

Venus citizens, must have inspired the subject of psycology, am sure !

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