Saturday, September 29, 2007

Entry to US

Into US atlast ! Was quite glad ! The journey was quite long and ardous. It took 21 Hrs overall. The flight,on the way did some free fall and it was as exciting as a ride on a giant wheel ! Reached Frankfurt in about 8 Hrs and it was 2 hrs transit there. What amazing air hostesses in Lufthansa. Damn pretty ! Cudn't help starting at them blankly. Was even planning to ask water regularly, but restrooms were on heavy demand so dropped the idea , hehe :). The only hitch was the leg space in the flight. The food in flight was just OK. In frankfurt, we roamed around the airport and window shopped a lot. Esp,there was a Jaguar car on display and we rushed to take a snap in various poses- opening it, hinging on it etc..was a lil sheepish but anything for a pose with the dream car of millions. Then boarded the flight again to Boston in about 2 hrs. Oceans 13 movie was played. It was a grt movie ! After about 9 Hrs,Boston shore was visible and was an amazing sight ! After due checking, walked out of the airport. A cabbie instantly popped up and I boarded the car. I narrowly escaped falling into a chasm of sorts ! After getting into the car and when it was nearly moving, I quikly realized tat I'd left my documents inthe trolley itself ! God !! Instantly jumped out of the car to get it back.
Now we start to Waltham. The cabbie was extremely friendly. Inspite my optimism,my mind kept popping qustions if he was genuine and if he would kidnap me,kinda stuff ! weird thoughts ! Boston is a beautuful place ! I was told about the Boston subway project, which has costed 16 Billion $. We passed to Harvard Business school and MIT. Reached the hotel at about 3 PM local time. The receptionist was very friendly . Atlast entered the room and unpacked things and fel flat on the bed. Pretty draining journey ! --- End of part 1---

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