Friday, October 13, 2006

Chicken Soup

Well,though I havent really tasted chicken soup, this book 'Chicken Soup for romatic soul' makes a fantastic read. Probably the effect of having chickn soup is to make you warm and comfy,but this book surely does, and sends you in the planet of dreams in a jiffy and to top it all, with your dream soul mate :). Demonstrates the power of human conviction, whose magnetism just pulls YOUR soulmate frm anywhr in the world. Am reminded of a dialogue ffrom the telegu movie 'Murari"-when the hero says 'Manushya sankalpam kanna goppa emi ledhu" which means, there's no power bigger than human conviction and he goes on to survive his death bed[which isnt unusual for the Hero of a film anyway].
Power of human WILL !! Bring her to me THIS MOMENT !! Oops, a grey lizard with one eye falls on me !!
Adios )

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